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March 18 2012

December 19 2011

October 13 2011

September 29 2011

Changes to your StumbleUpon Account as of October 24, 2011

This does not anger me as much as sadden - Stumbleupon has every right to operate its business as they choose. What saddens me is the sheer foolishness of it. How in any way can this be more broadly appealing? If it was such an imposition on them to provide photo sharing, visual flexibility, and groups, then I'm glad they are doing whatever it is they are doing for their sake. But what will a stumble account page look like now? A list of web links? I can do that with a word processor. What I would really like to see is the availability of the technology and concepts they are abandoning to the open source community. Then watch what happens.

September 17 2011

September 15 2011

September 14 2011

September 04 2011

The Palladium Writers

Some of the writers at Palladium

September 03 2011

August 27 2011

August 22 2011

August 18 2011

August 16 2011

July 23 2011

Japanese scientists turn sewage into edible &feces steak&

So they wait to tell us about this right after the last Space Shuttle launch to make sure there's no hope for escape from this planet.

July 20 2011

Debian Reference

The Big Debian Textbook

July 14 2011

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Lisa Loeb - How

July 06 2011

June 11 2011

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